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Knit A Bit Knitting Patterns Bag Collection IV

These patterns for knit bags include large, clear photos and close ups of the bags before and after felting. Felting instructions are provided as well. The sizes indicated are approximate and after felting.

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Diagonal Squares Felted Bag

13" wide x 11" long

This bag looks so much more complicated than it is. All you need to know is how to increase and decrease. Depending upon how the squares are joined, the look of this bag will be entirely different. It's great fun to experiment when the squares are knit!
Felted Bag    $2.99

Repeating Squares Felted Bag

10.5" wide x 9.5" long

It looks like you have to carry multiple colors across every row but you don't! Only one color per row is used. The secret is in the decreases. This is another pattern that you can use to create multiple looks; omit the eyelash yarn, use it more frequently, or knit it in only two colors (repeating them as often or as seldom as you like!).
Felted Bag    $2.99

Almost A Square
Mitered Felted Bag

12.5" at widest point x 11" at longest point

This bag is one easy, square miter that is not completed, resulting in the curved top opening. Subtle eyelash yarn is worked in periodically. You could also use wild and contrasting colors for a completely different look or omit the eyelash yarn entirely. All that's required for this simple to knit pattern is the ability to decrease!
Felted Bag    $2.99

V Striped Felted Bag

11" wide x 8.5" long

Think this is hard and involves stranding colors across the row? Nope. Easy as can be! It's really done with diagonal rectangles that are knit up slightly differently so they run in opposite directions. This bag would look stunning and sophisticated in more muted tones. Or go wild and funky with bright colors as shown!
Felted Bag    $2.99

Rectangular Vertical
Striped Felted Bag

8.5" wide x 7.75" long

Color changes aren't involved on every row with this bag because it's knit from side to side. A print yarn adds splashes of color changes to add interest. This couldn't be easier to knit; there's no increases or decreases involved at all. If you can knit and purl, you can make this bag!
Felted Bag    $2.99

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